The Cindy Sherman Effect

Kunstforum Wien, 1010
until Sunday, July 19 2020
© Amclie Chaplain, Kunstforun

Amclie Chaplain, Kunstforun

They are reminiscent of scenes from a Hitchcock: from 1977, the US artist Cindy Sherman developed her series of "Untitled Film Stills" in which she staged herself in anonymous roles. The legendary photographs now serve as the starting point for the show, which traces the artist's role model effect to this day. The subtitle "Identity and Transformation in Contemporary Art" points the way to the role plays and gender switches that dominate in the selected works. The list of female artists also includes the South African Zahele Muholi, whose black and white portraits caused a sensation at the last Venice Biennale and who is an activist for the rights of homosexuals.

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Kunstforum Wien

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Freyung 8
1010 Wien