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Der Kirschgarten

by Anton Chekhov. R: Niermeyer D: Absenger, by Bargen, Hasun, MacDonald, Meisterle, Schenk, Scholz, Schulte, by Stolzmann

Theater in der Josefstadt, 1080
until Monday, June 22 2020
© Astrid Knie

Astrid Knie

Drama comedy about people in times of social upheaval. The widowed noblewoman Lyubov Andreyevna Ranyevskaya returns with her daughter to her Russian estate, which is surrounded by a magnificent cherry orchard, after a long stay in France. Overwhelmed by the beauty of the cherry blossom and the childhood memories connected with it, Ranevskaya does not want to admit the high indebtedness of the property and the threatening forced auction. Amélie Niemeyers has conjured up a festival of transformation with an excellent ensemble and lots of music.
Please note that theatre performances are in German language if not described otherwise.

Venue Name

Theater in der Josefstadt

Venue Location

Josefstädter Straße 26
1080 Wien

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