4 x 1 = 30

Rebecca Ackroyd, Louisa Clement, Julian Turner, Honza Zamojski

© Peres Projects, Berlin

Peres Projects, Berlin

This year Christine König celebrates her 30th gallery anniversary and her 20th anniversary at the Schleifmühlgasse location. Reason enough for the boss to relinquish control of the programme for once. The title of the show stems from the four employees who have now played the carte blanche as a team. Upon entering the gallery, the shell sculptures by Rebecca Ackroyd shine out at you, mobilising an interesting mix of materials for her sculptures. By Honza Zamojski from Poland, the puppet-like skeleton on the floor stands out, while Luisa Clement shows elegant photos of black mannequins. A specialist for fake patina is Julian Turner, from whom collages can be seen.

There are currently no dates to this event