Ewiger Frieden

Kammeroper von Alexander Wagendristel nach einem Libretto von Dora Lux. Ensemble Reconsil, D: Wagendristel, R: Tornquist. S: Robert Chionis. Gebhard Heegmann. Tehmine Schaeffer. Evert Sooster. Bärbel Strehlau

A cargo box is delivered to the Russian funeral home. It is called Cargo200, the name given to military casualties. The two undertakers inform the widow that the body has arrived and get ready for their usual work. It turns out that this is a corpse that he died in a war that does not exist. And so the state power lets the corpse disappear from the coffin and the widow sees no need for a funeral. But the two undertakers are not put off by this.
Please note that theatre performances are in German language if not described otherwise.

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