Kammeroper von Dieter Kaufmann, Text: Thomas Arzt. Kammermusikwerkstatt, D: Descamps, R: Tornquist, S: Anna Hauf, Gebhard Heegmann, Maida Karišik, Richard Klein, Georg Klimbacher, Bibana Nwobilo, Bärbel Strehlau

Victor, the young product developer of the Ikarus company, takes off. On his high-altitude flight he loses the ground under his feet: he has neither time for his pregnant girlfriend Marie and his friend Alexander, nor for the beggar starving in front of the entrance of the fine restaurant where he dines with business partners. But when the success curve sinks and Victor is forced to turn back or rather to crash, he finds himself there at last - as a hungry have-not in front of the locked door.
Please note that theatre performances are in German language if not described otherwise.

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