Amerika oder die Infektion

Kammeroper von Matthias Kranebitter, Text: Antonio Fian. BLACK PAGE ORCHESTRA, D: Kranebitter, R: Tornquist, B: Liszt/Liszt, L: Tchapanov. S: Habermann, Haselberger, Jurga, Klimbacher, Scheschareg, Schranz, Targo

The doctors are worried that the two old patients are suffering from an infection. Mrs Hinterleitner doesn't eat any more. And Frau Obermaier is confused and delirious. Only the visit of her son, a successful cook in America, of whom she keeps on talking, could help her. But the son is nowhere to be found. So a young cook from Ottakring is persuaded to play the son for Frau Obermaier.
Please note that theatre performances are in German language if not described otherwise.

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