Der Fremde

Kammeroper von Gerhard E. Winkler nach einem Text von Martin Horváth. Ensemble PHACE, D: François-Pierre Descamps, R: Kristine Tornquist. S: Romana Amerling, Bernd Fröhlich, Johanna Krokovay, Johannes Schwendinger, Bärbel Strehlau, John Sweeney, Harald Wink

A stranger asks for shelter. The father of the family takes the stranger in, invoking the law of charity. The son is outraged, because sheltering a stranger is against the law. The mother is irritated by the foreign culture and above all does not like the stranger and the daughter to come closer. The blind daughter alone sees the stranger with the eyes of the heart - unprejudiced and compassionate.
Please note that theatre performances are in German language if not described otherwise.

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