Die Verwechslung

Thomas Desi: Die Verwechslung nach einem Libretto von Helga Utz. œnm.österreichisches ensemble für neue musik, D: François-Pierre Descamps. R: Kristine Tornquist, Prod. Leitung: Jury Everhartz, B: Markus und Michael Liszt, K: Angela Karpouzi, Sarah Maria Grepl, T: Edgar Aichinger, Vladi Tchapanov. S: Marelize Gerber, Ingrid Haselberger, Katrin Targo (Sopran), Johannes Czernin (Tenor), Gebhard Heegmann (Bariton), Günther Strahlegger (Bass), Bärbel Strehlau (Tanz), Kari Rakkola (Schauspiel).

Opera / Musical
until Sunday, January 24 2021
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Sirene Operntheater

The young Gustav longs for freedom, he criticizes the system of the GDR. As an enemy of the system, he is arrested. While his father helplessly despairs, his confused grandmother sets out to visit Gustav in prison. Her visit seems suspicious to the officials. Gustav is mistreated, he ends up badly injured in the prison infirmary with the gentle nurse Pauline. The play was to be performed as part of Wien modern 2020 and the opera series "The Improvement of the World". Now it has been filmed and is available on the websites of sirene Operntheater, Wien Modern, œnm, F23, Youtube and Vimeo.
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