About The Vienna Review

The Vienna Review was founded in 2006 as a student newspaper – the only one published in English language in Vienna. The target group were the English-speaking community in Austria and Central Europe, expats and tourists.
From 2011 to 2014, Falter Verlag published the print and online versions. You can read all archived articles here.

In 2019 The Vienna Review was relaunched as an online guide for international visitors who spend some time in Vienna. Our focus is on current and upcoming theatre, music and arts events plus films in original language versions currently being played in cinemas in Vienna. Our event and cinema program is based on our weekly Austrian print publication FALTER:WOCHE, which is part of the weekly newspaper FALTER. It is operated by The Vienna Review Publishing GmbH, based in Vienna. We carefully adapt and select our event recommendations on this site from thousands of dates collected and published in German language in our print and online edition, FALTER and FALTER.at.

We've also published the guides "Viennese Jugendstil: Walking, seeing & enjoying. 5 routes – from Hoffmann to Wagner, from the Postsparkasse to the Secession" and "Bratislava: 5 routes through Slovakia's capital. History, Culture, Sightseeing, Food & Beverages".

In case you have any questions, suggestions or feedback of any other kind related to the content on this website, please contact us.