Herbert Brandl

"Exposed to Painting. Die letzten zwanzig Jahre"

Belvedere 21, 1030
until Monday, October 26 2020
© Belvedere, Wien (Foto: Johannes Stoll)

Belvedere, Wien (Foto: Johannes Stoll)

On display are works by the artist from the last 20 years. The exhibition begins with the artist's mountain pictures. When Brandl captures Mount Everest on canvas, it is with an unmistakable sublimity. Abstract oil paintings are created in a fast painting style and with broad brushes. By means of wipe effects Brandl creates a mysterious glow again and again. Like the flames of a fire, the colour streaks of his new triptych "Apocalypse to a beautiful view" glow. Brandl has been shaping figures out of clay for several years, whereby he has a preference for four-legged friends. Besides hyenas he immortalized his two pedigree cats, which look like ancient Egyptian figures and - cast in bronze - shine golden.

Venue Name

Belvedere 21

Venue Location

Arsenalstraße 1
1030 Wien

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