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The simple things are the most complicated. Yes, it's a phrase. But mixing a martini cocktail or preparing an omelette is unfortunately a fine art that requires either years of practice or immense talent to master, ideally both. Because these simple things only allow for one state: perfection. The slightest mistake degrades the classic cocktail, the quick egg dish, sushi, goulash, pasta and similar candidates to a debacle.
Many wise alcoholics have philosophized about the martini, and the omelette is taught in French cooking academies. So there are schools of thought. Not with sandwiches. Anyone can put anything in a loaf of bread and call it a sandwich. Anarchy. Chaos.
Prologue over. Darrin McCowan comes from Chicago, where he worked very hard from the age of 14 in very simple restaurants that primarily served sandwiches and hot dogs.
When his wife got a job in Düsseldorf, the McCowan family moved to Germany and finally to Vienna. There, Darrin took over a kebab hut in the Servitenviertel district last September and decided to finally get his "in-between" sandwich and hot dog business in order:
He bakes the fluffy roll himself, pickles the "pickled gherkins" himself and has the special sausage - a slightly thicker, shorter beef frankfurter - made at the Landl butcher's shop in Ottakring. "If anyone can do it, you can," Darrin McCowan encouraged the Viennese butcher in the face of the awe-inspiring task.
For the "Chicago Dog", the smoked sausage is then grilled on the hot plate, but under a bell, into which a little ice is added, so that it is cooked and steamed at the same time, as far as I understand, which makes the sausage downright fluffy. Delicious. And do you get smeared from top to bottom when you eat it? Yes.
Even for the most classic of classic sandwiches, the BLT - Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato - you bake the bread yourself (not with the crust removed and not in a triangular shape, that's a point deduction ...) and then follow the only important rule. Namely, put plenty of everything in it (€ 7.40). It's hard to write these lines without having one of these hot dogs or sandwiches to hand. The menu changes daily, there are lots of great beers in the fridge (Zillertal Pils, Bernard Celebration, etc.) and thanks to the completely inadequate ventilation, you can still smell your visit in your clothes for a long time. That's how it should be.
It has been tried, but all Viennese hot dog attempts soon came to an end. The complaining has come to an end, now there are hot dogs and sandwiches like in Chicago. F


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